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Ensure the security of the applications used on a daily basis in your organization

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What is the reason for auditing my application system ?

To highlight the security vulnerabilities of the applications you use daily, which can be entry points for hackers.

And how is the audit of my applications performed ?

Our experts carry out manual audits of your applications. Each audit is different and tailor-made according to your needs. These are not automated vulnerability scans, our experts will track down the security vulnerabilities of your application system one by one.

For what result ?

By using reference tools such as the TOP 10 OWASP, our cyber experts detect development errors in your applications, configuration errors but they also scan all the source codes of your applications (Web, API, Intranet ...)

Auditing my application system

How does the audit of application systems work ?

A 4-point methodology

Choice of the perimeter
to audit

Depending on your business procedures and the applications you use within your organization, our experts will define with you the scope to audit.

Identification of

The security vulnerabilities of your applications will be highlighted and characterized by danger level to quickly address the most sensitive ones.

Performing an
additional Pentest

Just as a hacker would do, our “ethical hackers” will simulate attacks against your organization through your application system to identify new security vulnerabilities.

Delivery of the audit

For each detected vulnerability, a correction action plan will be addressed to you to quickly secure your entire application system.

Setting the scope of your audit

All companies use their own applications according to their business procedures and needs. With our experts, you will be able to determine the scope to analyze during your application audit by identifying the applications you use on a daily basis.

Perimeter to audit
Ziwit Reports

Delivery of your tailor-made report

To conclude your audit, our experts will provide you with an audit report tailored to your needs in terms of reporting. You will have the choice between several types of reports :

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