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Reasons for cyber security training

IT Security training to fight against cyber threats

Everyday, companies of all sizes are targeted by cyber attacks that impact their revenues and sustainability.

The informatization of work environments requires an awareness of all the people involved to guarantee the security of an activity: partners, suppliers, employees and technical teams. This is why IT security training is a strategic solution to prevent cyber risks of all types.

Our cybersecurity training for all levels.

Specific training for each of your needs

Ziwit Academy, your trusted partner

Your cybersecurity is our priority


The Ziwit Academy is part of a set of cyber security solutions owned by the Ziwit Group, which secures +9200 customers worldwide: manual audits, SaaS cyber-vigilance solutions, vulnerability scanning and online pentests.

The Ziwit Academy team aims to share "good IT security practices" with all stakeholders in your ecosystem by integrating pedagogy, understanding and awareness.

Our cyber experts are engaged to give you all the keys to achieve your IT security objectives by taking into account cyber attacks specific to your business sector and your environment.

IT security training provided on site or in virtual classrooms

A 100% mobile and digital team

To meet your different needs, our team travels throughout France and abroad to train your teams and collaborators directly in your offices.

Your teams are in several geographical locations? We organize virtual classes to help you minimize the number of trips. This new method already attracts our customers who appreciate this new digital learning method, in line with the latest training trends.

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Let's create your custom training together

We adapt the program to your industry and ecosystem

You can combine the different training courses available on our site to create a new one, fully customized for your teams. Integrate different units according to your needs.

Can't find the training that meets your specific needs? Together, we create the solutions that will allow you to make your teams even more concerned by your IT security challenges.

Our entire teaching team and our IT security experts are at your entire disposition to organize the perfect training according to your needs, your requirements, your constraints and your problematics.

A cyber-risk awareness program

Train all the daily users of your IS

This training course is accessible to everyone and will help you to raise awareness of all your teams, even non-technical ones, about the importance of IT security for the stability of your organization.

All users of your information system can be potential protection against hacking actions if they are aware of the best practices to apply in their daily work.

Introduce the most inexperienced to the fundamentals of IT security, the dangers of a cyber-attack and actions to limit cyber threats, is to act proactively against hackers.

Reasons to choose Ziwit Academy for IT Security training


Experienced trainers with a passion for teaching and learning


Cybersecurity experts and hackers-ethics


Recognized technical knowledge


Fully customized training courses


An accredited organization


A 100% Satisfied Guarantee


Training at your company's offices


Distance learning in virtual classrooms


How long is a training course in IT security?

The time required for IT security training depends on the training module chosen. We can adapt the time to your needs. Each module is different and can be completed in half a day or more than a week. Our team is flexible and adaptable to your constraints of availability.

I am a private individual, can I benefit from your cybersecurity training?

Our training courses are not designed to be taught to a public of individuals. We exclusively offer training courses for private companies or public organizations. Our modules are adapted to all types of profiles, from technical teams to more junior profiles.

Reasons for raising awareness of cybersecurity among employees?

Cybersecurity is a real challenge for every company. Each member of the team can have an impact on IS IT security. This is why it is essential to raise awareness among its employees in order to better secure you and to comfort your customers, partners and prospects.

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Which technical level is required to participate in a training course?

Our cybersecurity experts and our teaching team adapt their vocabulary and teaching methods according to the technical level of the audience. We offer not only modules adapted to expert technical teams, but also modules perfectly adapted to beginner teams.

How much does your corporate cybersecurity training cost?

Our training costs depend on a number of factors: the training unit chosen, the level of expertise or the number of days of training required. Our prices are variable according to your needs and issues. Our sales team is available to provide you a quote.

A need for cybersecurity training?

Contact us!

Our teaching team and our IT security experts will be happy to advise you on the program most appropriate to your needs or to work with you to develop the most suitable training for your team.

Your satisfaction and security are our priorities.

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