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Ziwit, a cybersecurity company created in Montpellier in 2011, is quickly becoming the European reference in offensive Cybersecurity. The company offers products and services to protect companies from hackers. Manual audits, pentests, training, awareness, online cybersecurity solutions and France's first SSL Certificate provider. The Cybersecurity company Ziwit is expanding in France and abroad with a single mission in mind :

to protect you effectively !

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Why choose Ziwit ?

Strengthened by more than 10 years of experience in Pentest and IT security audits, the cybersecurity company Ziwit has been based since its inception on 8 important and fundamental values to guarantee a quality service.

Why choose Ziwit ?
A leading company in offensive Cybersecurity
Certified & qualified experts
Support throughout the process
Customized audits & responses according to size and type
Accurate & in-depth audits
Guarantee of the confidentiality of the data transmitted
Rapid responses to incidents & problems
The best cyber defense solutions
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Our Solutions & Services

Our certifications

The PASSI qualification is a security VISA issued by the ANSSI (National Agency for the Security of Information Systems). This certificate issued by ANSSI bears witness to our skills and expertise as auditors, but also to the attention we pay to protecting the integrity of the confidential information to which we may have access during our services to our customers.


Ziwit holds the label ExpertCyber

Ziwit expert in digital security, guarantees technical expertise as well as quality advice to prevent acts of cyber-surveillance and secure your IT installations and your websites.

As an ExpertCyber certified service provider, Ziwit is committed to respecting its charter of commitments.


Ziwit holds the label France Cybersecurity

The France Cybersecurity label offers the guarantee that the labeled products, solutions and services are designed, developed and operated in France, by a dynamic and innovative industrial sector recognized by the market. It is therefore a mark of excellence for companies.


Ziwit holds the label QUALIOPI

QUALIOPI is the unique quality certification mark for training organizations. It has been mandatory since January 1, 2022. ZIWIT fully complies with the 32 new indicators in the national quality reference framework, organized around 7 quality criteria. Our training courses can therefore be referenced by accredited organizations and are eligible for funding.


Ziwit is part of the national system Cyber Malicious

Ziwit's mission is to support victims of cyberattacks through its cybersecurity solutions and tools .

As a service provider listed on the french government platform Cyber Malicious, Ziwit is committed to respecting its charter of commitments.


Our C)PTE certified cybersecurity experts

(CERTIFIED Penetration Testing Engineer)

Developed on the basis of the US Force One methodology, and accredited by both the NSA and the FBI, this certification allows us to explore all the existing technical and non-technical means of accessing an information system in an illicit way.
Our pentesters are trained in the art of ethical hacking and the latest techniques in penetration testing, with the aim of recognizing each key element: Information gathering, scanning, enumeration, exploitation and reporting.


Our CEH certified cybersecurity experts

(Certified Ethical Hacker)

Our pentesters are experienced in vulnerability research. They have the internationally recognized CEH certification to guarantee you a qualified and ethical technical auditor.


Ziwit is certified OSCP

(Offensive Security Certified Professional)

OSCP is an ethical hacking certification offered by Offensive Security (or OffSec) that teaches penetration testing methodologies and the use of the tools included with the Kali Linux distribution.

The OSCP is a hands-on penetration testing certification, requiring holders to successfully attack and penetrate various live machines in a safe lab environment.


Ziwit holds the label PNPT

(Practical Network Penetration Tester)

Delivered by TCM Security, the PNPT certification is a unique ethical hacking exam that evaluates a pentester's ability to perform a professional level network penetration test and its potential to perform open source research (OSINT) to gather information on how to properly attack that network.
Our pentesters know how to make the most of their Active Directory exploitation skills to perform A/V and egress bypasses, lateral and vertical network movements, and ultimately compromise the domain controller under investigation.


Ziwit holds the Cyber Essentials certification

Cyber Essentials is a certification supported by the British government (United Kingdom) to help organizations ensure operational security against cyber attacks.


Ziwit holds the IASME GDPR certification

Issued by the IASME consortium and supported by the UK Government, "IASME GDPR" reinforces Cyber Essential by validating Ziwit's GDPR skills, and its ability to comply with its requirements.
IASME GDPR certification is proof that ZIWIT has taken enhanced measures to protect your business and your data from cyber-attacks on the Internet.


Ziwit holds the Cybersecurity Made In Europe certification

The "Cybersecurity made in Europe" certification is designed to promote European cybersecurity companies and increase their visibility on the European and global market. The certification raises awareness of the strategic value of cybersecurity companies originating in Europe and developing their activity on the basis of European values of trust.


Ziwit is a member ACN

(Alliance for digital trust)

ACN is a group of companies that award services, solutions and technologies that limit risk and therefore increase trust.


Ziwit is an associated member Campus Cyber

It will be a French hub of cybersecurity by 2022 that will bring together the main national and international players in the field.

Our certifications

ExpertCyber (Digital Security Label)
ExpertCyber (Digital Security Label)
France Cybersecurity
C)PTE (CERTIFIED Penetration Testing Engineer)
Cyber Malicious
C)PTE (CERTIFIED Penetration Testing Engineer)
Certified Ethical Hacker
Certified Ethical Hacker
Certified Ethical Hacker
Cyber Essentials
Cybersecurity Made In Europe
Alliance for digital trust
Campus Cyber
Why choose a cybersecurity company ?

Why choose a cybersecurity company ?

Nowadays, cybercrime has become very common and can affect both small and large companies. Several techniques are used by cybercriminals such as phishing, or exploiting vulnerabilities. This type of attack can have serious repercussions for the victims, such as the theft of personal and confidential data.

It has therefore become necessary to carry out audits and training with cybersecurity companies that are experts in cyberdefence. Like Ziwit, this kind of cybersecurity company will detect the flaws in your information systems and help you correct them. It is more important than ever to have good cybersecurity, and Ziwit meets this demand perfectly.

Key Figures in Cybersecurity

The key figures below show the importance of going through a cybersecurity company to protect its information system. Top 3 cyber threats in France in 2023 for companies :


Account hack





3.75 Millions €

Average cost of a data breach in 2023 according to “Cost of Data Breach Report 2023”

28 902

Number of vulnerabilities & CVEs discovered in 2023, i.e. 15% more than 2022, according to the website cvedetails.com


Percentage of companies having been confronted with Phishing / Spear-Phishing

1.54 Million $

Average ransom requested in 2023, an increase of 90% compared to 2022 according to Sophos


Percentage of companies victims of a cyberattack having had an interruption of activities lasting more than one day


Percentage of victims impacted are SMEs / VSEs / ETIs

+ 9,200 Customers (Large companies / SMI-SME / VSE)

A response adapted to the needs and size of the company. Whether you are a small, medium or large business, Ziwit offers you a complete range of tailor-made cybersecurity solutions, designed to meet the specific needs of your organization. Don’t hesitate any longer and do like our other customers, choose the cybersecurity company Ziwit!

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