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Ziwit, a company created in Montpellier in 2011, is quickly becoming the European reference in offensive Cybersecurity. The company offers products and services to protect companies from hackers. Manual audits, pentests, training, awareness, online cybersecurity solutions and France's first SSL Certificate provider. Ziwit is expanding in France and abroad with a single mission in mind: to protect you effectively!

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HTTPCS by Ziwit
HTTPCS by Ziwit

4 modules combined in a single easy-to-use interface to ensure the cyber-protection of your websites and web applications.

Ziwit Consultancy Services
Ziwit Consultancy Services

Contact our ethical hackers to realize your manual audits and intrusion tests at work or remotely.

Ziwit Academy
Ziwit Academy

Discover the Ziwit Academy's training courses: technical skills, awareness, good practices, standards...

TrustSign by Ziwit
TrustSign by Ziwit

TrustSign by Ziwit is the first French SSL certification authority. Discover the Partner Program dedicated to resellers.

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