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Pentest as a Service - Continuous security audit

Aware of the new challenges linked to IT security (increase in the number of identified vulnerabilities, the number of attacks, loss of control of the exposed perimeter, etc.), Ziwit offers Pentest As A Service which combines the best of what we have been doing for over 10 years.

By choosing our Pentest As A Service solution, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your business is protected against potential security threats, while benefiting from a comprehensive and effective security solution to protect your systems, applications and data.

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What is Pentest as a Service ?

Pentest As a Service is a continuous auditing service that combines the two most popular approaches on the market for securing your sites and applications: automated vulnerability scanning and manual pentesting to guarantee a constant state of security for your exposed perimeters (sites, applications, etc.).

Having a solution that offers continuous visibility of new vulnerabilities is essential in today's ever-changing threat landscape. Keeping abreast of emerging threats and taking appropriate action to secure your applications is a top priority for our customers.

But some security issues cannot be detected by an automated solution, and require human intervention (here, an ethical hacker from Ziwit CS).

As a company specializing in offensive security, Ziwit has been developing a vulnerability scanner for sites and applications, in conjunction with its renowned pentesting business, which has been successfully established on the market for over 10 years.

Our Pentest As A Service service meets this monitoring need by providing an automated vulnerability detection solution, which is run on a regular basis on the application.

This enables the rapid detection of any new vulnerabilities that may appear in the application. In addition, our pentesters carry out manual tests to detect vulnerabilities that our scanner was unable to detect. This ensures complete coverage of all potential vulnerabilities in the application.

Why combine the two approaches ?

Combining a manual service with an automated solution gives you a complete and continuous view of the vulnerabilities affecting your application.

Our pentesters are experts in pentest security audits, and have been carrying out daily intrusion tests daily for over 10 years. Our proprietary vulnerability scanner is designed to quickly and accurately identify potential vulnerabilities in your sites and applications.

The "Pentest as a Service" approach ensures that as many vulnerabilities as possible are detected, even the most subtle ones, and allows you to follow the development cycle of your sites and applications over time.

This means that after the initial assessment, we continue to monitor your application for new vulnerabilities that may arise.

By doing so, we can quickly respond and remediate any new threats that are discovered, enabling you to maintain a secure environment for your application and data.

Pentest Methodology

Discover the pentest steps when it is carried out from Ziwit experts.

How does Pentest as a Service work ?

Our security experts carry out an initial pentest, to identify directly exploitable vulnerabilities, exploit them, and provide you with a complete report on the security status of your site.

After the initial pentest, we set up a new-generation vulnerability scanner: HTTPCS Security.

The HTTPCS vulnerability scanner performs daily audits to identify application vulnerabilities (XSS, SQLI…) and the latest new vulnerabilities (CVE, 0-day…).

The scan results are then used by our penetration testing experts to dig deeper and identify the most complex vulnerabilities. Our experts will realize a Pentest.

Our auditors (pentesters) will punctually focus on security issues that cannot be identified by an automated scanner (such as logical flaws, abuse of functionalities, modification of back-end data, etc.); as well as exploiting the application vulnerabilities brought up by the scanner until they are compromised.

How Pentest as a Service by Ziwit works

Find out how Pentest as a Service by Ziwit works.

How Pentest as a Service by Ziwit works

Advantages of Pentest as a Service

Reduce the time to detect your vulnerabilities

By combining our vulnerability scanner with the expertise of our pentesters, we are able to dramatically reduce the time needed to identify potential vulnerabilities and security risks.

Be up to date on new threats

Our automated scanner is regularly updated to detect the latest vulnerabilities in application development, as well as those discovered in real time.

A personalized pentesting service

The vulnerability scanner and manual pentesters approach allows you to combine the best of both worlds, and allows you to be serene over time on the security status of your sites.

Control your budget

By entrusting your security testing needs to our company, you will avoid the costs associated with maintaining an in house security team, and have visibility of the associated budget from the moment you acquire the service.

Compliant with safety standards (ISO 27001)

Security standards demand that vulnerabilities be detected and corrected as soon as possible. With our Pentest As a Service, you can be sure that all vulnerabilities are identified quickly, allowing you to take the necessary steps to fix them before they are exploited by cybercriminals.

Detailed reports

Our Pentest as a Service solution includes detailed reports of vulnerability scan and manual testing results, providing actionable insights that can help you address potential security risks and improve your overall security posture.

Set up a Pentest as a Service

Setting up a Pentest as a Service means combining HTTPCS Security technologies and manual penetration tests carried out by our cybersecurity experts.

HTTPCS Security is one of the best vulnerability scanners on the market. Thanks to this technology, detect security flaws in your website or web application and avoid being hacked!

Our team of cybersecurity experts will simulate a computer attack to identify flaws, vulnerabilities and weak points in your Information System.

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