How to react in the event of a cyber-attack against my company?

Call on Ziwit Incident Response Team

Call on Ziwit
Incident Response Team

Intrusion, data theft, ransomwares and many others... Unsolved, these attacks can have major consequences on your company. Our team of consultant experts is ready to help you immediately and will ensure that the incident becomes a thing of the past.

How to respond against a hacker attack? Basic steps to do

Is your company a victim of malicious activities? Don't let the hacker get in the way and stay calm. While waiting to be dealt with by the Ziwit Incident Response Team, don’t fall into some easy traps! Regardless of the attack you are victim of, the law provides legislative sanctions. In order for a cyber attack to be admissible in court, it is essential to provide as many evidence as possible. To collect this evidence, there are some practices to avoid

To discover all the traps and learn more about the good practices to adopt in case of a security incident, you can download our free Ziwit Do’s and Don’ts Guideline.

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While it may be tempting to turn off your website server, it will automatically delete its memory. Then, no forensic analysis can be carried out by our intervention team, and crucial evidence will be definitively lost. To avoid this, make a copy of your data on an external hard drive.

Some threats are very persistent and on average, it takes about 90 days for a company to become aware of an incident. The system may have been infected a while ago, and this risk might be applied directly to the backups. Installing a contaminated backup is very dangerous because another infection can happen again.

What kinds of incidents could be solved?

A single weakness is enough to damage your system and exploit its vulnerability. Therefore, you must be able to react to any kind of attack. This is where Ziwit comes in.

While it is not always possible to stop a malicious act before it reaches your security zone, our experts are able to control the damages and work on all types of security incidents such as



Phishing and Spear phishing

Phishing and
Spear phishing

Pirated software and websites

Pirated software
and websites

Malicious Websites


Malware Provider


DDoS Attack


Zero Day Attacks

Zero Day

Data and passwords flaws

Data and
passwords flaws

What are the main steps of the Incident Response Intervention?

From threat detection to recovery, the Ziwit Incident Response Team is on your side throughout the process in order to insure maximum and long-lasting security. Flexible and responsive, our team can operate on your premises or remotely, depending on your needs. The intervention is conducted in three main steps:

Incident Response Intervention

The security audit will make it possible to know exactly the hacker's modus operandi and the malicious actions carried out during their fraud. The post-mortem study collects attack evidence and then chooses the most appropriate way to fix vulnerabilities.

The malicious software is deleted, signatures are updated, and security breaches are fixed. The incident tracking and artefacts left by the hacker will be removed. Corrective measures will be applied to prevent the incident from happening again. The eradication protocol methodically carried out quickly and synchronously to ensure that the pirate does not continue the malicious action.

The aim of this last stage is to go back to a normal operating state and enable the company to continue its regular business activities.

Ask for help?

Is the Ziwit Incident Response Team qualified enough to deal with my security incident?

Ziwit holds the label ExpertCyber

Ziwit expert in digital security, guarantees technical expertise as well as quality advice to prevent acts of cyber-surveillance and secure your IT installations and your websites.

As an ExpertCyber certified service provider, Ziwit is committed to respecting its charter of commitments.

Ziwit holds the label France Cybersecurity

The France Cybersecurity label offers the guarantee that the labeled products, solutions and services are designed, developed and operated in France, by a dynamic and innovative industrial sector recognized by the market. It is therefore a mark of excellence for companies.

Ziwit holds the Cybersecurity Made In Europe certification

The "Cybersecurity made in Europe" certification is designed to promote European cybersecurity companies and increase their visibility on the European and global market. The certification raises awareness of the strategic value of cybersecurity companies originating in Europe and developing their activity on the basis of European values of trust.

Ziwit holds the Cyber Essentials certification

Cyber Essentials is a certification supported by the British government (United Kingdom) to help organizations ensure operational security against cyber attacks.

Ziwit is part of the national system Cyber Malicious

Ziwit's mission is to support victims of cyberattacks through its cybersecurity solutions and tools .

As a service provider listed on the french government platform Cyber Malicious, Ziwit is committed to respecting its charter of commitments.

Ziwit, recognized as a solution by Incibe

(Spanish National Institute of Cybersecurity)

Ziwit is recognized as trusted solution by Incibe, the Spanish national cybersecurity institute.

Responsive and available, our experts team works in an emergency context to restore the security of your company. Its in-depth know-how in safety and engineering techniques lets us to deal with your request as promptly as possible.

Need a fast intervention?

Pirate attacks

Why do I need to react quickly to pirate attacks?

Today, it is not unusual for a company to be the target of a cyber-attack. No one is beyond protection, and a single weakness enables a malicious person to harm your business. To deal with a crisis, it is important to set up a defensive strategy in order to restore the organization's security as soon as possible. Calling a cyber security company is a safe and effective way to eradicate cyber-attacks. When handled on time, the risks and damages will have a reduced impact on your company.

Fake websites, malicious software, spy work, ransomware or even phishing... there are lots of different cyber risks. Our team of IT security experts has the skills, protocols and responsiveness to be quickly effective and neutralize all types of incidents. The purpose is to immediately stop the attack while fixing any damage it may have caused.

Download the guideline on the Do’s and Don'ts in case of a cyber-attack

How to protect my company from cyber risks in the future?

According to a study conducted by OpinionWay for CESIN in January 2019, eight companies out of ten reported being the victim of a cyber-attack. Why be part of them when you can effectively be secured against cyber threats all year round?

HTTPCS offers you a complete coverage against risks to ensure the durability of your company.

How to protect my company from cyber risks in the future


The SECURITY web vulnerability scanner traces all the security breaches on your website to keep you from being hacking and data theft.

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Cyber Vigilance


The CYBER VIGILANCE solution warns you in real time when you become a hacker's target, with darknet and dark networks intrusions. Beat the cybercriminal plans and avoid your business to be threatened

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HTTPCS INTEGRITY will promptly notify you of any unusual changes detected on your website or web application. With its detailed mapping, the innovative integrity checker lets you to know at a glance if you are a victim of hacking and react appropriately.

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Don’t let your company under cyber threats anymore, contact the HTTPCS experts today.


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