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What’s the GDPR?

After the scandal caused by global mass surveillance of the population, the European Union decided to act and protect its citizens. On that occasion, the General Data Protection Regulation (shortened as “GDPR”) was passed and became enforceable for every Member State of the European Union. The GDPR aims to create a legal frame about the collection of personal information by companies so that the persons’ data cannot be used for ill deeds. People finally have power over the data that they share to companies. Consequently, the regulation provides for heavy obligations and penalties in order to get the companies to comply.

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Can I ensure compliance myself?

Can I ensure compliance myself?

GDPR compliance can be a very long and difficult process depending on the size of your company or your line of business. The obligations imposed by the regulation are heavy to implement, to such an extent that you need a legal expertise to interpret the text and apply it. Without any legal skills, it can become a real nightmare for you to comply with the GDPR. To ensure a perfect compliance, the GDPR strongly advises to resort to a data protection officer (DPO). This DPO has legal and technical skills regarding data protection: he’s the most suited person to help you apply the regulation. Thanks to his expert profile, you can make your company compliant with serenity.

What are the DPO’s missions?

The DPO has many missions, and the following list is far from being exhaustive:

The DPO informs and advises your company to help make it compliant.
He ensures the enforcement of the GDPR within your company
He provides some advice to carry out an impact assessment
He’s the link between your company, your customers and the supervisory authority
What are the DPO’s missions?

The services provided by Ziwit

If your company does not comply with the GDPR, you can get a fine of 4% of your global annual turnover or €20 million. The fines can have serious consequences on your company’s financial health since the highest amount will be applied to you. To help you ensure compliance, Ziwit Consultancy provides different services:

A Consultant DPO to help you with your compliance, no matter your line of work

Provision of advice and expertise in order for you to be compliant

Training courses to raise awareness of your controllers, processors and employees about the issues of the GDPR

A dedicated point of contact acting as a link between your company, your customers and the supervisory authority.

The step taken by the DPO to comply my company


Map all the data


Prioritize the measures to take and the existing risks


Implementation of technical and organizational measures


Keep records of compliance

The benefits of a Data Protection Consultant

The benefits of a Data Protection Consultant

The GDPR and the supervisory authorities strongly recommend that you use the services of an external DPO to help you be compliant. Here are some advantages:

  • Guidance by a legal and technical expert specialized in data protection
  • The possibility to get a certification from the supervisory authority
  • An outside perspective about the measures you need to take to start or perfect your compliance
  • Substantial savings for your company by resorting to a DPO only when you need one
  • No conflict of interest within your company: the DPO is totally independent and subject to professional confidentiality
  • Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority: you will benefit from all the attention you need to achieve your compliance
  • A way to reassure your customers by showing them that you care about the protection of their personal data
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If you don’t know if you are GDPR-compliant, you can answer our questionnaire. At the end of the questionnaire, you’ll receive a free list of all the measures you need to take to ensure compliance.

If you have any questions or you want to benefit from our expertise, we can reach you and advise you.