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The reasons why you should call on the SOC by ZIWIT

Calling on the SOC by ZIWIT means that you make sure you get the support of specialized and complementary teams, available 24/7. Our experts are using the most powerful tools on the market to ensure your cybersecurity.

Delegate the processing of your security alerts to professionals

Control your costs and deadlines with solutions adapted to your budget

Anticipate the evolution of your information system

Adapt your security to meet future threats

Determine the level and duration of your managed service: from 1 day/week to a 24/7 watch

Our priority: Meet your cyber defense requirements!

What is the SOC by ZIWIT?

The Security Operation Center (SOC), represents the team ensuring the protection and sustainability of all the elements that constitute your information system (IS) within an IT unit :

  • Infrastructure: servers, storage, databases, network, virtualization (VM), cloud, Big Data, IoT…
  • Web and Applications: company websites, intranet, ERP, CRM, HRIS, specific applications, web services, APIs…
  • Users: Productivity tools (office pack, Adobe suite), workstations, mobile fleets, tablets, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)…

The SOC by ZIWIT allows you to optimize your cybersecurity management by structuring it around proven technical and operational processes. Our team will support you in all aspects of cybersecurity:

Incident prevention

The use of analysis and cyber monitoring tools allows us to:

Analyze vulnerabilities without interruption
  • Linked to web and application tools (security flaws, Endpoint…)
  • Monitor and anticipate software obsolescence (CVE, 0-days exploits…)
  • Monitor data leakage and mentions of your company on malicious networks (Dataleak, password leakage, Threat Intelligence…)
Threat detection (Threat Hunting)
Accompanying & raising awareness among employees
  • Awareness class: to train your employees on cybersecurity threats and issues
  • Expertise sharing: to guarantee the efficiency of your IT experts
  • Social Engineering: to ensure that human interactions and errors do not lead to security breaches

Incident detection

Via the implementation of risk management processes and solutions

  • SIEM (Security Information and Event Manager): It will allow Ziwit SOC to monitor, detect and alert on suspicious or dangerous behaviors
  • UEBA (User and Entity Behavioral Analytics): to analyze internal company behaviors and assess risks
  • IDS (Intrusion Detection System): to detect suspicious behaviors or interactions on specific targets (network, host…)

Incident response

Deploying a SOC by ZIWIT allows to control the response time to security incidents. Through our dedicated and trained teams of experts, we can act directly and effectively in case of alert:

  • Analyze current or past incidents
  • Reaction to incidents with tools or the implementation of measures (closure of contaminated accounts, etc…)
  • Post-mortem analysis (Forensics)
  • Support for the recovery of activity (PRA/PCA)
  • Recommendations for remediation following an attack
  • Crisis management support

The benefits of a managed SOC by ZIWIT

The use of a managed SOC offers companies a significant advantage in this digital environment. Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more usual and their costs can be high. Calling on ZIWIT, you’re being assured of a reduced response time to incidents and disaster recovery, but also :

Ensure a monitoring of your information system according to your budget and your needs
Reduce complexity related to the organization and management of contacts
Count on an immediate response time to incidents
A quick Identifying of threats and causes of intrusions
Ensure a quick recovery in case of an attack on your system
Optimize the creation or improvement of a cybersecurity strategy
Outsource the human and material resources necessary for the deployment of an SOC
Monitor your ISSP (Information System Security Policy)

To offer you a unique expertise that is precious to us, the team is composed of a senior SOC manager, experienced analysts, cybersecurity engineers and pentesters, sharing the same desire and motivation to guide you in your cybersecurity strategy.

How to set up a managed SOC with ZIWIT ?

An effective SOC must meet the needs of your business and integrate with existing security processes. This is why ZIWIT assists you step by step in the realization of your project:

Definition of the needs

Our experts define with you your cybersecurity needs, the operational processes to be integrated into the SOC. From 1 day a week to 24 hours a day, we determine with you the level of service that matches your expectations: Prevention, vulnerability management, threat monitoring, incident response or post-incident response…

SOC deployment

Once your needs clearly defined, our experts work in collaboration with your teams to set up your managed SOC. We proceed with you to select the tools and settings necessary for our intervention.

Operation and Follow-up

ZIWIT teams are constantly mobilized to ensure the monitoring of your information systems and follow you step by step via recommendations and regular reports.

Do you need a SOC (Security Operating Center) ?

Our team of IT security experts is ready to offer you the offer that best suits your needs and your business.

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