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Setting up a custom phishing campaign makes it possible to test the vulnerability of employees and can strengthen cyber-security.

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Phishing: What is it?

Phishing is a method used by cybercriminals to trick users into providing sensitive information, such as confidential information or login credentials; or to download malicious programs. Phishing campaigns are often used to steal data, spread computer viruses, extort money or infiltrate computer networks.

Most of them send fraudulent emails or text messages that appear to come from legitimate sources (applications used by your employees, your company's service providers, direct or indirect collaborators, etc.), to encourage users to enter their login credentials; click on malicious links or download attachments infected with malware.

Phishing is now the first cause of compromise of information systems, and for good reason: they allow to bypass the security measures in place by attacking the human (social engineering).

Companies can set up phishing campaigns to test the vulnerability of their employees and strengthen their IT security.

By creating a culture of IT security in companies, they can reduce the risk of successful attacks and protect their business against cyber threats.

At Ziwit, we simulate real-life phishing scenarios that are relevant to your business, the applications you use, your employees... Our targeted and personalized phishing campaigns help strengthen your company's security by raising awareness among your employees about the risks associated with Phishing attacks, through real (but simulated) interaction.

The purpose of these phishing campaigns is to validate the maturity level of your employees, in relation to a concrete and realistic case, but above all to raise their awareness through action !

Why make a personalized phishing campaign?

Carrying out a fictitious personalized phishing campaign to raise employee awareness of computer security is a very effective training strategy.

First, a custom phishing campaign simulates a real attack, so employees can see and understand the phishing techniques used by cybercriminals. Employees become aware of the authenticity and credibility that an actual phishing campaign can hold, which makes them more aware of the risks of these phishing attacks.

Custom phishing campaigns can be harder to detect than a generic campaign. Cybercriminals use real or easily accessible information about a company to personalize their attacks. Employees may be more likely to click on a link or provide information if the campaign appears to be authentic. So, a personalized phishing campaign is an effective way to show employees what these attacks look like and how they can be tricked.

Security audit

We create for you real-life pages of the applications you use, we imitate and create pages of applications actually used by your company

By sending simulated phishing emails to employees, companies can measure how many click on malicious links or provide sensitive informations. This allows companies to understand the shortcomings in their IT security training and to set up additional security measures to better protect their business…

How does a phishing campaign work with Ziwit?

Personalized phishing campaigns take place in 4 different phases.

Design of the Phishing campaign

To design a custom phishing campaign, the first step is to identify both the targets and objectives of the campaign. Companies should choose targets that represent a potential risk for the corporate IT security. The campaign’s objectives can be to test the company's vulnerability, to educate employees on the phishing’s risks or to reinforce the company's security measures (process, solutions in place, etc.).

Content creation and goals achievement

The content should be relevant to the target and can include names, titles and other personal informations to make the campaign more credible. To do so, we can create similar template pages to the applications you use, set up a specific Ziwit technical stack, etc.

Writing reports and analysis of results

After sending the campaign, companies should evaluate the results to measure the effectiveness of the IT security formation. Companies can identify employees who have clicked on malicious links or provided sensitive information to help them to better understand the risks of phishing.

Training and sensitization

Finally, we support managers to raise the awareness of their employees by communicating awareness kits adapted to their contexts (employee's departments, working methods, level of maturity in IT security, etc.).

The advantages of a phishing campaign carried out by our ZIWIT experts

Risk’s reduction of data theft

By sensitizing and training your employees to be more vigilant, you contribute to protect your sensitive data and offer your employees a better resistance to phishing attacks.

Custom Phishing Scenarios

All our phishing scenarios are customized, which allows our teams to reproduce attacks that can affect your IS in real conditions. This analysis will allow your teams to prioritize their actions in order to improve your protection and strengthen your information system.

Targeted phishing campaigns

Our ZIWIT CS teams adapt targeted phishing campaigns to meet the needs of your business, whether you have 10, 100 or 1,000 employees. Our teams work in collaboration with your IT department to design the most suitable scenarios. These can be adapted according to your departments, your locations, or even the specific risks related to your sector of activity.

OSINT investigation & collect of exposed data

Our OSINT department (open source research and passive analysis) is systematically involved in our phishing campaigns, in order to evaluate the information exposed about your company which could be used for the benefit of hackers wishing to trap your employees.

Phishing Campaign Report

Reports and detailed statistics of phishing campaigns

We provide detailed reports for each phishing campaign realized. These reports detail all the actions taken by the employees :

  • open rates
  • click rates
  • number of devioused identifiers
  • the number of entered passwords

These results will allow you to identify risk areas in order to carry out targeted awareness campaigns within your infrastructure.

Do you want to carry out a phishing campaign aimed to your employees? Contact our ZIWIT CS experts now !

Ziwit Consultancy Services certification

Gain the trust of all stakeholders in your ecosystem

Our experts check afterwards if the corrections have been applied properly, in order to deliver the Ziwit Consultancy Services certification valid for 1 year. This certification is a real guarantee of trust that you can assert to your partners, investors, regulatory authorities or any other stakeholder wishing to ensure the integrity, security and reliability of your IT system.

  • PCI DSS, RGPD, HIPAA compliance assessment
  • Assistance in in obtaining ISO 27001 & ISO 27002 certification
  • IS security audit, including workstations and telephony
  • Websites, business or e-commerce applications security audit
  • Web Services Security Audit
  • Infrastructure Services Security Audit

A need for an IT security audit?

Our team of IT security experts is ready to offer you the audit that best suits your needs and your business.

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