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What is the reason for auditing my physical infrastructure ?

To know the physical security level of your organization and to identify the risk points to secure as a priority.

How does a physical infrastructure audit work ?

Our team of cybersecurity consultants visits your organization without notifying your employees and identifies the vulnerabilities that may exist in your physical security system.

For what result ?

The companies we audit are surprised to see how easy it is for our team to infiltrate sensitive areas in their organization: management offices, data centers ...

What is the reason to audit my organizational infrastructure ?

To identify the different vulnerabilities existing in your IS in order to correct them as quickly as possible.

In practice, what are the elements we audit ?

For what result?

The delivery of a complete report indicating all the security weaknesses identified, with the corrective measures to apply for each flaw.

The intervention of our ethical hackers team allows you to know the reliability of your infrastructure as well as to identify the security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by a malicious hacker.

How does the infrastructure audit work ?

4-step process

The scope
to audit

Our experts will assist you in determining the scope to audit in your organization according to your issues and needs

Research and analysis
of vulnerabilities

All vulnerabilities in your organization will be identified by our experts. They will be characterized by danger level in order to be able to correct the most critical ones as a priority.

The pentest
or intrusion test

To complete their analysis, our cybersecurity experts will perform a penetration test in your organization. They will attack your organization as a hacker would do, but with no consequences.

and countermeasures

A summary of the results will be provided to you, highlighting, for each fault detected, the corrective action to apply.

Choice of the perimeter to audit

Our experts advise you on the scope to audit according to your business issues and needs. You will then have the opportunity to determine the scope of your custom audit by choosing from the following modules :

Perimeter to audit
Ziwit Reports

Delivery of the IT audit report

Following the audit of your organization, our experts will provide you an audit synthesis, including the following points :

The advantages of Ziwit Consultancy Services reports :

Do you want to secure your organization ? Contact us !

Our team of IT security experts is at your disposal to determine with you the scope of your audit and support you throughout the audit process of your infrastructure.

Your satisfaction and safety are our priorities.

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