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Certifications PASSI Qualification Ziwit

ZIWIT is PASSI qualified : Information Systems Security Audit Service Provider.

The PASSI qualification is a security VISA issued by the ANSSI (French National Cybersecurity Agency).

PASSI qualification : what is certified ?

The PASSI qualification certifies :

  • The competence of our auditors
  • Mastery of best practices and audit methodology
  • Constant updating of auditors' knowledge and skills
  • The writing and oral qualities of our auditors
  • The good content of the audit report
  • The confidentiality of sensitive data entrusted and exposed
  • Our respect for the ISO 19011 standard
  • Compliance with French legislation
  • The guarantee of the information transmitted
  • Loyalty, discretion and impartiality of the services offered
Qualification PASSI Ziwit
Qualification PASSI Ziwit

How did the PASSI qualification go ?

Passing the PASSI qualification is a process that requires resources and time. It takes place in several stages.

To begin with, auditors commissioned by ANSSI came to ZIWIT's premises to audit our structure and our techniques.

Thus, they checked and audited :

  • The equipment used by our experts
  • The security of our premises
  • The presence of protection at the “Restricted Diffusion” level, including a room with restricted diffusion
  • The configuration of the Information System

Our experts were also audited, they had to demonstrate their skills and abilities to conduct a PASSI audit. They passed several tests including written exams and an oral interview.

PASSI qualification : what it brings

The PASSI qualification by ZIWIT assures you and brings many advantages.

A framed methodology

ZIWIT's audit methodology complies with ANSSI quality requirements.

The aspects required by ANSSI are legal, regulatory, contractual and ethical.

As such, our certified auditors will only use methods, tools and techniques validated by the service provider, and which comply with ISO 19011.

Qualified auditors

PASSI qualified auditors have proven their know-how and skills. They have received training in Information Systems technologies that meet VISA criteria.

The auditors have mastered the best practices and methodology set out in the ISO 19011 standard.

Their skills are continually updated, ensuring continuous mastery.

A legal and confidential respect

PASSI qualification ensures that the service provider's information is further protected, thanks to secure distribution channels, a Restricted Distribution Room, and compliance with a confidentiality charter and a code of ethics.

Ziwit and its auditors comply with French legislation and regulations.

Operators of Vital Importance

Operators of Vital Importance (OIV) are organizations identified by the State as having activities essential to the survival of the nation or dangerous for the population.

OIVs must secure their Information Systems, and to do so, they are obliged by the the Military Programming Law (LPM), to choose a PASSI qualified service provider, such as ZIWIT.

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