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An offer tailored to your needs

Why resort to a CISO?

Digital technology is now an integral part of your company’s life, whether it’s used for your internal functioning or for your customers. Therefore, you must implement a security policy strong enough to avoid being hacked or avoid any technical problem. To get around these inconveniences, resorting to a CISO is the best solution to be assisted in your approach and benefit from a high level of expertise.

Who is this offer intended for?

The shared CISO offer is mainly intended for small and medium structures which don’t necessarily have the budget or the resources to hire one full-time. The CISO will assist you whenever you need it, which is an excellent solution for companies that cannot afford to hire an internal CISO. No matter your line of business, the issues are the same for everyone. The great majority of companies have at least an internal network and a website, so they must absolutely be protected at any time.

You just want to benefit from expert advice?

If your company already has a CISO, you can still benefit from a CISO coaching. The Ziwit experts will help your organization fulfill specific tasks or give you some advice in the field of cybersecurity.

Cisco Ziwit Expert

An assistance on many issues

For any project you want to carry out, the CISO can deal with your cybersecurity in three areas:

Infrastructure security

Project security

Providers’ security

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The advantages of a ciso assistance

A shared CISO has many benefits for small and medium businesses! If you have your doubts, here’s a list of the main advantages of this solution:

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