Audit of your telephone, ERP and Messaging infrastructure

Ensure the security and confidentiality of your means of communication

Ziwit Consultancy Service for your manual audits and pentests
Ziwit Consultancy Services Audit of your telephone, ERP and Messaging infrastructure

To highlight all types of security vulnerabilities related to your telephone, ERP and messaging infrastructure.

Our experts perform manual audits of your infrastructure. Each audit is different and tailor-made according to needs. Our experts identify the security flaws in your telephone, ERP and messaging infrastructure one by one. They thus protect the confidentiality of your exchanges.

By relying on reference tools such as the TOP 10 OWASP, our cyber-experts identify the configuration errors of your telephone, ERP and messaging infrastructure, the errors of your systems and applications, as well as the flaws present in the your entire infrastructure.

Setting the scope of your audit

Our experts will assist you in defining the scope of the audit of your digital communication infrastructures.

TOIP / VOIP audit

We audit your entire IP based phone infrastructure: IPBX (Internet Protocol Private Branch eXchange), Virtual LAN, workstation, switches, taxation server, recorders and even more according to your organization.

Communication systems such as Cisco, Avaya, Alcatel, NICE, SIP.

SAP / ERP audit

As ERP software is used daily in your company, make it audited entirely to detect its vulnerabilities: not only the databases, the system, the network, the encryption, the application server, the accounts, the passwords but also GIU, batches, APIs.

Exchange / Webmail audit

Your mail is an entry point for hackers. To audit the configuration and the administration of your email service is crucial. Our experts realize complete audits: rights, passwords, patches, files, system, backup and existing protections (antivirus and antispam).

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol SMTP, Outlook Web Access OWA, Microsoft Exchange et d’autres en fonction de votre organisation.

How is the audit of your telephone infrastructure ERP and Messaging?

A 4-point methodology

Choice of the perimeter
to audit

Depending on the business procedures and your telephone, ERP and Messaging infrastructure that you use within your organization, our experts will define with you the scope to be audited.

Identification of

The security flaws in your infrastructure will be highlighted and characterized by level of danger so that you can quickly deal with the most sensitive.

Performing an
additional Pentest

Just as a hacker might do, our "ethical hackers" will simulate attacks against your organization through your telephone, ERP and email infrastructure to identify new security breaches.

Delivery of the audit

For each flaw detected, you will be notified of corrective action to quickly secure your entire infrastructure.

Audit report of your telephone, ERP and messaging infrastructure

Delivery of your tailor-made report

Following the audit of your organization, our experts will provide you an audit synthesis, including the following points :

  • A positive summary including all the identified security vulnerabilities and the associated corrective measures
  • A complete reporting with the detail of all the actions taken and their results
  • An oral presentation of your audit report

Ziwit Consultancy Services certification

Gain the trust of all stakeholders in your ecosystem

Our experts check afterwards if the corrections have been applied properly, in order to deliver the Ziwit Consultancy Services certification valid for 1 year. This certification is a real guarantee of trust that you can assert to your partners, investors, regulatory authorities or any other stakeholder wishing to ensure the integrity, security and reliability of your IT system.

  • PCI DSS, RGPD, HIPAA compliance assessment
  • Assistance in in obtaining ISO 27001 & ISO 27002 certification
  • IS security audit, including workstations and telephony
  • Websites, business or e-commerce applications security audit
  • Web Services Security Audit
  • Infrastructure Services Security Audit

A need for an IT security audit?

Our team of IT security experts is ready to offer you the audit that best suits your needs and your business.

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