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Ziwit offers a managed Security Operations Center with Detection and Response technologies. The SOC MDR by Ziwit is a reliable Operations Center proven by more than 10 years of existence by many companies.

What is a SOC MDR?

Before defining what an MDR SOC is, let's take a quick look at the Security Operations Center, or SOC.

Security Operations Center

The Security Operations Center, or SOC for short, is a platform made up of a team and tools designed to ensure the security of a company's information systems (IS).

A high-performance SOC is a skilful blend of specialized tools, tried and tested protocols and cyber security specialists.

It must be able to analyze, correlate and correct incidents and problems related to the cybersecurity of an IS.

Basic SOCs are based on SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solutions. These tools cannot fully protect an IS, because they detect known attack scenarios, and not unknown cyber threats such as so-called “0-Day” vulnerabilities.

This is where SOC MDR comes in.


MDR, or Managed Detection and Response, is the SIEM evolution of SOC.

Whereas the SOC SIEM simply detects known vulnerabilities, the SOC MDR also takes unknown vulnerabilities into account.

Setting up a SOC MDR makes it possible to deal with new cyber attacks.

In concrete terms, and compared with SIEM, MDR will be able to detect AND respond much more effectively and rapidly to both known and unknown cyberthreats.

Why choose a SOC MDR?

The answer to this question is quite simple: to protect yourself effectively and permanently against cyber-criminals.

With a SOC MDR, you are no longer just protected against already known threats, you are proactively protected!

Detection is an important part of SOC MDR. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies such as high-performance vulnerability scanners, experts and Threat Hunters will be able to react more quickly to unknown threats, Response.

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SOC MDR by Ziwit

Effective solutions

Ziwit uses HTTPCS solutions within its MDR SOC to proactively and effectively protect Information Systems.

Our cyber-experts use the latest-generation HTTPCS Security vulnerability scanner. It detects exploitable security flaws and maps all URLs, revealing all vulnerabilities present.

To facilitate and simplify the work of our professionals, the scanner guarantees zero false positives, so any flaws detected can be exploited by hackers.

The HTTPCS CyberVigilance solution enables our experts to monitor your company's data leakage and mentions on malicious networks (Dataleak, password leakage, Threat Intelligence...).

The integrity solution, HTTPCS Integrity, makes it possible to identify all changes deemed fraudulent or malicious. Thanks to this tool, our experts are alerted when the slightest suspicious change appears.

The integrity checker performs a complete analysis of sites, links, as well as internal and external files, to detect the presence of malware or viruses.

SOC MDR by Ziwit

Certified and qualified experts

Did you know ? Ziwit and its experts are certified and qualified by numerous certifications including the PASSI qualification issued by ANSSI.

SOC MDR by Ziwit is managed by cybersecurity experts with more than ten years of experience.

Proven protocols

Our operational process is broken down into 3 complementary parts.

Incident prevention

One of our mottos is: “Prevention is always better than response”.

Our SOC MDR detects and prevents network and malicious activity 24/7.

The use of high-performance tools and the constant practice of cyber-monitoring enable the MDR by Ziwit SOC to :

  • Analyze vulnerabilities without interruption.
  • Detect threats (Threat Hunting) by mapping resources, strengthening the IT security policy, identifying IOCs (indicators of compromise) and carrying out specialized audits such as Pentests.
  • Raise awareness among employees through awareness classes for example

Incident detection

Here, our professionals will analyze all suspicious activity to determine not only the nature of the threat but also the extent of its intrusion into the infrastructure.

They will take a hacker's perspective to examine an organization's network and operations, with the aim of finding vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by malicious individuals.

Incident response

Once the analysis phase is complete, our MDR SOC experts will measure and coordinate the most appropriate response to the incident.

Depending on the severity of the incident, various measures can be taken, such as quarantining endpoints, deleting files and, in the most serious cases, recovering compromised data and systems.

This includes rebooting as well as restarting endpoints, reconfiguring systems or, in the case of a ransomware attack, providing a working backup to circumvent it.

In the event of an alert, our SOC MDR team will be able to:

  • Analyze current or past incidents.
  • React to incidents in a proportionate manner.
  • Carry out a post-mortem analysis (Forensics).
  • Support the resumption of activity (PRA/PCA).
  • Make remediation recommendations following a cyber-attack.
  • Support crisis management.
  • Raise awareness to avoid a new similar alert.

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