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Ziwit implements a Soc as a Service solution tailored to your organization's specific needs.

SOC as a Service by Ziwit

Setting up a Security Operations Center therefore represents a real cost, in terms of finance, time and organization.

This is why many companies opt for a SOC as a Service solution from a company specialized and recognized in cybersecurity.

Choosing SOC as a Service managed by Ziwit ensures you:

  • A proven system which has been tested and which is used by many companies.
  • An attractive and adapted cost.
  • Management by experts in their field with more than 10 years of experience in cybersecurity.
  • Rapid deployment, adjusted to your structure.
  • The response to a need defined together according to the specificities of your company and your organization.
  • A company and experts certified PASSI by ANSSI.
  • Support 24/7/365 worldwide.
  • Risk management thanks to a classification of flaws by their level of criticality.
  • Permanent support and awareness raising for employees.
  • Use of the best tools and solutions on the cybersecurity market.

How Ziwit SOC as a Service works


To set up the SOC as a Service that's right for you, we need to understand your infrastructure, your business and your needs.

To do this, we draw up a 3-stage plan:


Definition of need

Our experts will take the time to discuss your needs with you.

They will propose the solution best suited to your needs, whether in terms of finance, infrastructure or security.


SOCaaS deployment

Our experts will work with your team to deploy SOCaaS properly.

We'll work with you to select the right solutions and tools, as well as the necessary settings.



Once the package is installed and ready, our experts will monitor your information systems and provide you with regular reports and awareness training.


It's best to prevent cyber attacks before they happen. Our SOCaaS experts will detect and prevent malicious activity from affecting you.

Cyber monitoring, analysis and detection solutions will make it possible to:

  • Analyze flaws using tools and protocols.
  • Monitor obsolescence and carry out technological monitoring.
  • Carry out Cyber Threat Intelligence by checking whether any data leak concerns you.
  • Carry out audits and Pentests.
  • Identify compromise and attack vectors.
  • Strengthen your company's security policy.
  • Raise your employees’ awareness of good IT security practices.
  • Carry out Social Engineering.


During this phase, our cyber experts analyze, identify and prioritize the various IT security incidents that may occur.

They will then understand how the cyber attack can occur and how to effectively remedy it before it is too late.

Ziwit’s SOC as a Service is based on several risk management solutions including:

  • SIEM: to detect and alert in the event of suspicious behavior.
  • MDR: to respond effectively to new, previously unknown threats.
  • UEBA: for the analysis and risk assessment of internal behavior.
  • IDS: for the detection of targeted suspicious behavior.
SOC as a Service


In the event of a cyber-attack, Ziwit's team of cyber experts will take charge of Incidence Response.

This involves quarantining devices and endpoints, backing up to external disks, and deleting files.

If data is compromised, our SOC team will take charge of recovering as much of the lost or compromised data as possible.

Our experts will analyze the reasons for the impact and work with you to carry out any necessary reconfigurations and terminal restarts.

If alerts and incidents are detected, our team will be able to:

  • Analyze current or past incidents.
  • React via the implementation of protocols.
  • Perform post-mortem analysis (Forensics).
  • Support the resumption of activity (PRA/PCA).
  • Make remediation recommendations following an intrusion.
  • Support in crisis management.

What is a SOC as a Service?

SOC as a Service, or SOCaaS, is a security operations center managed by a third-party provider, such as Ziwit, which provides all the functionality of a classic Security Operations Center, but in the Cloud.

A classic SOC is a platform ensuring IT protection and the continuity of the elements making up the Information System.

The Security Operations Center is responsible for detecting, analyzing and correcting IT security incidents, using techniques and technologies as well as a range of methods and know-how.

The SOC as a Service is therefore a Security Operations Center but managed and managed remotely by an external company, and is therefore not internal to the company.

Why choose a SOC as a Service?

Cybersecurity has become a major issue, with the number of cyberattacks increasing by 400% between 2020 and 2022.

Choosing a SOC as a Service solution therefore meets a strong demand for IT security.

However, creating your own internal monitoring and response system requires:

  • High costs for its development and maintenance.
  • Time.
  • Space, premises and dedicated equipment are needed.

Setting up a Security Operations Center requires focusing on 3 points:

  • Infrastructure.
  • Technologies and solutions.
  • Staff.


Setting up an entire infrastructure dedicated to cybersecurity management requires cost, time and space.

Servers, databases, storage, networks, virtualization (VMs), computers, the cloud, etc. all need to be planned.

All this organization easily generates costs, but also takes up space.

If you opt for a SOCaaS solution, the entire infrastructure is the responsibility of the third party.

This therefore avoids installation costs as well as maintenance and renewal costs.


Setting up a Security Operations Center means hiring IT security experts.

It's essential to recruit a team of cyber-experts with in-depth knowledge of the cyber-crime environment, and the tools and protocols needed to prevent and ward off attacks.

Moreover, to ensure optimum IT security, it is essential to work 24/7, which means an additional human cost.

Opting for an as a Service solution means choosing a trusted third party with experts with at least 10 years' experience in cybersecurity.

Technologies and solutions

Having a state-of-the-art infrastructure and fast, responsive servers is great, but if you don't have the right cybersecurity protection solutions, it's all for naught.

An effective Security Operations Center has many effective technologies and solutions including:

  • A vulnerability scanner.
  • A Cyber Threat Intelligence tool, allowing to detect information leaks in the Web, Deep Web and Dark Web.
  • An integrity controller, allowing you to detect the slightest change in your Information System.
  • A site and web application monitoring system, to detect the slightest unavailability and respond as quickly as possible.
HTTPCS Technologies

All of these solutions represent a considerable cost.

When using SOC as a Service, the third party either uses its own solutions, as we do at Ziwit, or uses third-party technologies and tools.

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