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Ziwit Consultancy Services Website security audit

Why do a security audit of my website ?

A website security audit can detect vulnerabilities present in your website, regardless of the CMS you use, if you use one.

A computer security breach is an entry point for cyberattackers, who can recover confidential information such as your customers' credit cards or addresses.

How is the security audit of my website going ?

Our cyber-experts carry out various manual audits of your website. The audits are made to measure according to your needs and your company.

Our auditors will test your website in order to trace all the vulnerabilities present, critical and non-critical, and will provide you with a detailed report including all the vulnerabilities found.

What results will I get after the realisation of the audit ?

Based on references such as OWASP 10 and other lists of vulnerabilities like CVEs, our computer security experts will identify all the cybersecurity and computer security problems that your website may have, such as errors in development, configuration errors or source code errors.

Website security audit methodology

Website security audit methodology

Definition of scope (Kick-off)

An essential preliminary step to the audit, the definition of the scope of the website security audit makes it possible to formalize all the procedures with the stakeholders.

Together with you, we formalize on the scope to be audited, and on the audit procedures.

To carry out this step, we identify the actors involved on each side, on yours as well as ours, we validate the exchanges and means of communication, and we define the methods of the audit including the strategy, the follow-up, the management of the audit, and the exchange of confidential documents by secure means.

Information gathering

The auditors will collect as much data as possible on the audited perimeter, your website.

This phase allows our cyber-experts to map, identify your infrastructure, analyze, and understand the context and the processes before starting to test the resistance of your website.

Website security audit

Our auditors will, in this phase, test your system, your website. They will then manually detect and find flaws and vulnerabilities in your website.

Thanks to their knowledge and experience, our experts will be able to undermine your website and show all the weaknesses in cybersecurity and computer security of your system.


Reporting is the most important step for you. This is a report, a summary of the security audit of your website. The report is formulated in writing, signed and validated by certified cybersecurity experts.

The auditor provides the IT Department with its methodology and the discovery of the vulnerabilities discovered.

Our experts will offer you :

  • Concrete actions to correct the flaws of your website
  • Confidential information collected
  • Prioritized recommendations
  • All vulnerabilities with their criticality
  • The tools used to carry out the website security audit
Audit Report Website Security

The counter-audit

After the correction of the vulnerabilities that our auditors reported during the security audit, you can request a counter-audit.

The purpose of the counter-audit is to verify that the remediations made on your side are effective and that your website no longer has any IT security vulnerabilities.

Our experts take a day to carry out this counter-audit and write the report related to it.

You will receive, if the counter-audit no longer demonstrates IT vulnerabilities, a certificate attesting to the good IT security of your website.

Why do an audit by Ziwit?

  • Ziwit is PASSI certified by ANSSI
  • Over 10 years of experience in cybersecurity and penetration testing
  • A security audit of your website totally adapted to your structure and your needs
  • Monitoring of the audit from A to Z by our cyber experts
  • A certification at the end of the audit attesting to the IT security of your website
Security audit
Audit Report Website Security

Delivery of your tailor-made report

Following the security audit of your website, our experts will provide you with a summary of it, covering these different points :

  • A summary containing all the security vulnerabilities identified and the corrective measures that accompany them
  • A complete report detailing all the actions implemented and their results
  • An oral presentation of your audit report

Ziwit Consultancy Services certification

Gain the trust of all stakeholders in your ecosystem

Our experts check afterwards if the corrections have been applied properly, in order to deliver the Ziwit Consultancy Services certification valid for 1 year. This certification is a real guarantee of trust that you can assert to your partners, investors, regulatory authorities or any other stakeholder wishing to ensure the integrity, security and reliability of your IT system.

  • PCI DSS, RGPD, HIPAA compliance assessment
  • Assistance in in obtaining ISO 27001 & ISO 27002 certification
  • IS security audit, including workstations and telephony
  • Websites, business or e-commerce applications security audit
  • Web Services Security Audit
  • Infrastructure Services Security Audit

A need for an IT security audit?

Our team of IT security experts is ready to offer you the audit that best suits your needs and your business.

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