Awareness-raising course to cybersecurity

Ziwit Academy formation
Ziwit Academy awareness raising cybersecurity
Duration: to be defined after consultation with our experts Price: from €5,000 excluding tax Participants: to be defined after consultation with our experts
Profiles / Prerequisites
You can raise awareness to cybersecurity among all of your employees Every single employee of an organization is concerned No technical knowledge is required
The training attendance rate is 100% based on the number of sessions held in 2022.

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« Awareness-raising Course »

What is the awareness-raising of your IS users about

What is the awareness-raising of your IS users about?

Your IS users are true vulnerability points that may cause security breaches if they are not aware of the good practices to use daily.

This awareness-raising training brings answers to your employees questions and gives them practical actions to implement in order to secure your organization on a day-to-day basis.

Which actions may be threats for your IS security?
What are the daily risks that you may encounter?
How to implement IT security means?
How to face threats that are hanging over your IS?
Which actions should you implement to prevent and manage daily risks?

An awareness session to cybersecurity for everyone

Several training units to raise awareness to cybersecurity among all of your employees

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« Awareness-raising Course »

Unit 1

Become aware of the risks for your organization

Definition, scope, cybersecurity and cyber-attacks issues How a single breach may put my company at risk? My responsibility and my means of action The dangerous software and applications

Unit 2

Know the good practices to protect your workstations

Cloud, password, mailbox: how to protect yourself from hackers? The danger of USB connections: the good practices to remember Safe remote connection: Outside the company, telework, remote connection How to identify a spying or monitoring situation?

Unit 3

Approach and master the notions regarding cryptography

The constraints related to cryptography and encryption The dangers of laptops regarding the protection of sensitive data Authentication, authorization, common password: how to go further? The goal of reinforced authentication: authentication by certificates and token

Unit 4

How to react in case of a cyberattack

Emergency gestures in case of cyberattack Common mistakes to avoid in case of hacking: stress management Limit the attack thanks to a quarantine measure How to react to blackmailing

Unit 5

Implement a protection policy

Remember a previous attack in order to learn how to protect and progress Automatisation solutions of cybersecurity Grey Box automated audits and vulnerability detection Update, anti-virus, back-up: essential actions

Practical works and role-playing

Role-plays supervised by our cybersecurity experts

Profiling intern and extern attackers Evaluate the level of danger of your workstation Cyberattack simulation: Analysis of the situation and the threats Cyberattack simulation: Actions and reactions Implementation of a business recovery plan (BRP)

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« Awareness-raising Course »

Ziwit Academy formation

The advantages of the Ziwit Academy for your awareness-raising courses

Training units available for all your employees, even remotely

Ziwit cyber experts can come to your premises for your training and awareness-raising courses, in France or abroad. We also offer virtual classrooms with the possibility for all your employees to take the awareness-raising course remotely.

A playful and qualitative service

Our pedagogical team makes a point of honor to make all your awareness-raising course recreational and welcoming in order to encourage good conditions of learning. You can also benefit from a tailored welcoming with a breakfast or a cocktail during your training.

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A need for cybersecurity training?

Our teaching team and our IT security experts will be happy to advise you on the program most appropriate to your needs or to work with you to develop the most suitable training for your team.

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