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Ziwit Academy formation
Ziwit Academy compliance it security standards
Duration:1 day of training Price:starting from 2100€ HT * Interns:Up to 15 interns * Excluding transportation, accommodation and catering costs.
Profiles / Prerequisites
Level 1- A good knowledge of IT security is mandatory (IS security supervisor, Auditors, Technical or operational professions...)
The training attendance rate is 100% based on the number of sessions held in 2022.
What is the compliance training about

What is the compliance training about?

Our goal through this training is to bring you all our expertise regarding the different IT security standards and to guide you in your different compliance upgrades. To this end, we will help you answer several questions:

What are the standards enforceable for IT security?
How to ensure compliance with them?
Am I concerned by the PCI DSS regulation?

ISO & PCI DSS compliance training program

Complementary training units about the ISO 27001, ISO 27002 and PCI DSS standards.

Download the « Compliancy to IT standards »
training datasheet

Unit 1

Discover and master
the ISO 27001 and ISO 27002 standards

Presentation and history Structure of the standards Respective goals Example of application

Unit 2

Set in place a methodology for your PCI-DSS project

Presentation of the PCI-DSS standard PCI-DSS methodology and Test Progress schedule to PCI-DSS compliance

Unit 3

Define the actors and stakes of a compliance

The role of risk managers The person in charge to implement security measures The security auditor Presentation of the certification examination

Unit 4

Apply these notions to your organization and your activity

Custom advice Practical applications through a role-playing exercise Examination simulations

Concrete applications supervised by our experts

Every supervised work offered is personalized depending on the profile of your employees

Know the good practices for the management of information security Define the compliance needed for your company Master the compliance and certification goals

Download the « Compliancy to IT standards »
training datasheet

Ziwit Academy formation

Choosing the Ziwit Academy for your compliance training

A training provided on your premises or by a virtual classroom

The Ziwit Academy team allows you to follow its training in virtual classrooms if several employees are on different sites in order to spare you additional traveling costs and make the management of the different interns easier. However, you can choose an onsite training and receive our trainers directly on your premises.

A playful and friendly environment

The Ziwit Academy trainers are passionate and pedagogical experts that make a point of honor in making your training moments as friendly and playful as possible, in order to encourage learning. You can, if you wish, benefit from a tailor-made welcoming with a breakfast or a cocktail during your training.

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Our teaching team and our IT security experts will be happy to advise you on the program most appropriate to your needs or to work with you to develop the most suitable training for your team.

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