Data Protection Officer Training

Ziwit Academy Data Protection Officer Training
Duration :5 days of training Price :starting from 3750€ HT * Attendees :Up to 15 attendees * Excluding transportation, accommodation and catering costs.
Profiles / Prerequisites
No specific knowledge in cybersecurity is necessary (All types of employees)
The training attendance rate is 100% based on the number of sessions held in 2022.

What does the DPO training consist of?

The DPO training allows you to understand the general principles of the General Data Protection Regulation. This training will allow you to start serenely your DPO missions. Ziwit holds the Qualiopi certification (ex : DataDock), with our training you can request the DPO certification. This certification must be obtained from approved organizations. The main questions that will be addressed:

What is the scope of the GDPR?
What are the stakes of the GDPR?
How does the compliance process work?
How to carry out your mission as DPO?

DPO Training Program

Different modules for an effective training program

Unit 1

Discovering and Understanding the GDPR

GDPR genesis Notions and definitions The principles of personal data protection

Unit 2

Applying the GDPR

The scope of application of the GDPR Identification of the legal basis for processing Sensitive data The rights of individuals

Unit 3

The actors assuring the correct application of the GDPR

The CNIL The CEPH The CURIA The subcontractor The DPO

Unit 4


Data governance Measures to protect data Impact analysis Privacy by design and privacy by default The register of processing activities

Unit 5

Transfer outside the EU

Appropriate and inappropriate countries Data transfer in the absence of appropriate safeguards

Unit 6

Personal Data Breaches

The definition of a breach Notification to the CNIL

Unit 7

Awareness of technical measures

Securing your workstation Separating private use of tools from professional use Vigilance against external dangers Dangers about surfing on the Internet

Unit 8

DPO in practice

Analysis of the compliance process Realization and explanation of the data processing register Useful tips and links

Choosing Ziwit Academy for your DPO training

Much more than a training course

The fun content of these modules encourages a quick learning. This training will allow you to approach the DPO certification. The advices provided will allow you to approach serenely your DPO projects.

A fun and educational training

The Ziwit Academy team pays attention to make this training course both user-friendly and fun in order to promote a better learning climate.

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