Proactive detection of intrusions inside an IS training

Ziwit Academy formation
Ziwit Academy detection it intrusions training
Duration:2 days of training Price:starting from 2600€ HT * Interns:Up to 10 interns * Excluding transportation, accommodation and catering costs.
Profiles / Prerequisites
Level 1- Basic knowledges in networks and systems (Technicians & network and system administrators...)
The training attendance rate is 100% based on the number of sessions held in 2022.
What is the proactive protection of intrusions training about

What is the proactive protection of intrusions training about?

Our security proactive detection of intrusions inside an IS training is practical and theorical at the same time. It presents the different possible attacks nowadays and details the means that allow to prevent and counter them, while responding to several major questions for your IT security policy:

How to respond in case of an attack?
What is a penetration testing?
Is it possible to automatize pentests?
How to fix security breaches before they are exploited?

Proactive detection of web vulnerabilities training program

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« Proactive protection against intrusions »

Unit 1

Understand OWASP Project
& the CVE

Comprehend the world of IT security Official notions of « hacker » and « hacking » Culture and mindset of hackers What risks and what threats for the IS? The development of an ISMS

Unit 2

Deploy a methodology and automated audit tools

The stakes of pentesting and differents approaches How to automatize your vulnerability management HTTPCS Security, Web and application Vulnerability Scanner

Unit 3

Set up and handle a Web Vulnerability Scan

Network Scan System analysis and Web analysis Penetration test on an IP address Penetration test by an intern employee

Unit 4

Create and implement a protocol of emergency in case of an attack

How do you know if an intrusion is a success? Method and response to an incident Cleaning and restarting hacked servers Legal background and response to hackers

Supervised role-playing in real conditions by our teams

Supervised works are individualized depending on the profile of your employees

Launch of a Grey box audit Daily audits planning for a 7/7 management of vulnerabilities Reading and analysis of a pentest report Development project of an ISMS Fixes and application of specific counter-measures for every breach discovered (OWASP & CVE) Creation of an emergency protocol in case of an attack

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« Proactive protection against intrusions »

Ziwit Academy formation

Choosing the Ziwit Academy for your proactive detection of intrusions trainings

An automated cybersecurity tool provided by HTTPCS by Ziwit

HTTPCS, brand of Ziwit group, provides you a SaaS solution of cybersecurity: HTTPCS Security, Web Application vulnerability scanner. Enjoy all the technological expertise of HTTPCS to manage all your audits and pentest in Black Box or Grey Box mode.

A friendly and playful training

The Ziwit Academy training team turns your trainings into friendly and playful moments, in order to offer good learning conditions. You can also benefit from a tailored welcoming with a breakfast or a cocktail during your training.

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