General Data Protection Regulation training

Ziwit Academy formation
Ziwit Academy gdpr compliance training
Duration:1 day of training Price:starting from 2100€ HT * Interns:Up to 15 interns * Excluding transportation, accommodation and catering costs.
Profiles / Prerequisites
Level 1- Any specific knowledge is mandatory to attend this training (All kinds of employees...)
The training attendance rate is 100% based on the number of sessions held in 2022.
What is the GDPR training about

What is the GDPR training about?

The awareness-raising and mastery General Data Protection Regulation training allows you to comprehend the several mandatory formalities to implement in your company or organization within the scope of application of the GDPR. This training session aims to help you answer to several questions:

What are the mandatory formalities of GDPR?
What are the legal effects on your company?
How and why protect all the «personal data?»

Training program of the General Data Protection Regulation

Units of training aiming to help you be GDPR compliant

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« GDPR Compliance »

Unit 1

Discover and understand
the GDPR

Legal foundations Regulatory evolutions GDPR presentation Issues of the protection of the sensitive and personal data

Unit 2

Understand the notion of «personal data»

Field of application of the GDPR: territory and material Definition of personal data Anonymous data and GDPR exclusion The processing of sensitive data

Unit 3

Know the modifications of the organization to ensure compliance

Deployment of a control process Definition of the financial and human costs Planning the measures that must be implemented in order to ensure compliance Transfer of data outside the European Union Choosing a processor

Unit 4

Master the obligations and sanctions related to the GDPR

The responsibility of the legal person The sanctions for failure to respect the regulation The supervisory authorities Joint responsibility of the controller and the processor

Unit 5

Comprehend the role of the data personal officer (DPO)

The role of the DPO in the company The nomination, the function and the missions of the DPO Sensitization and training of the different actors

Practical work by our expert team

Supervised works are adjusted to the profile of your employees

Evaluate the risks related to the «non-compliance» to the GDPR Determine the DPO’s job sheet Create and deploy a «personal data» processing register Implementing a Data Protection Impact Analysis (DPIA)

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« GDPR Compliance »

Ziwit Academy formation

Choosing the Ziwit Academy for your GDPR compliance trainings

Training that may be adjusted to the profiles of your teams and your environment

Our educational team, along with our IT security experts, provides GDPR compliance training. They are hosted with concrete situations, depending on your environment and business sector.

A playful and educational training

The whole educational team of the Ziwit Academy makes a point of honor in making their trainings playful and friendly in order to encourage a better learning atmosphere. You ask for our services if you wish a custom welcoming with a breakfast or a cocktail during your training.

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