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Ziwit Academy IT Operational Security
Duration: to be defined after consultation with our experts Price: from €5,000 excluding tax Participants: to be defined after consultation with our experts
Profiles / Prerequisites
Basic knowledges in networks and systems (Technicians & network and system administrators...)
The training attendance rate is 100% based on the number of sessions held in 2022.

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What is the web infrastructures and networks security training about

What is the web infrastructures and networks security training about?

Our IT Operational Security training allows you to comprehend the web application and network security just like a cybersecurity expert, in general terms, by allowing you to progress quickly on the goals that matter the most to your organization. This training gives answers to the different issues that you may encounter, such as:

What are the means to implement in order to secure my web infrastructures and my networks?
What are the threats hanging over your IS on a daily basis?
What is the function of the cybersecurity solutions regarding the protection of your company?
How to build or improve your security structure?
What are the good practices to apply in order to secure your applications?
How to protect your company data?

Operational IT security training program

The following units include data protection, IS protection and exchanges

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Unit 1

Understanding the different cyber risks and cyber threats

Introduction to cybersecurity and basic knowledges reminder (vocabulary, tools, known good practices) Global point on your organization security Strong points and TCP/IP and http protocols flaws. Presentation and simulation of different attacks (ARP type, IP Spoofing, SMURF, applications based...)

Unit 2

Analyze and master your complete organization infrastructure

Your environment: identifying the cyber-issues specific to your environment General infrastructure: Good choices for your organization, practical illustrations, securitization by virtualization Firewall: Perimeters, limits, technological innovations, virtual environments, proxy complementarity AAA Network: AAA server attack, radius protocol and good practices

Unit 3

Implement a protection of your data system

Cryptography, symmetric encryption, asymmetric encryption, hashing Users authentication and reciprocal authentication LDAP, Radius, electronic signature, X509 Certificate Implementation of an SMTP relay Deployment of a http/FTP proxy

Unit 4

Secure the exchanges within the IS

Wireless: Risks, WiFi security, WEP, WPA implementation SSL protocol, TLS, SSH: presentation, major flaws, attacks Voice over IP Protection: SIP protocol, NAT issues, attacks and solutions Mailbox protection: POP protocol, IMPA, Webmail, SMTP, fight against SPAM, phishing and identity theft

Unit 5

Protect your IS thanks to daily audits

Securitization of your technical environments: evaluation criteria, control, account management, services and network management Available services and solutions: Real-time detection, automated tools, 24/7 penetration tests, technological watch

Supervised works offered by our cybersecurity experts

The practical applications are adjusted in accordance with the selected units

Definition of a perimeter exposed to hackers and application of good practices to reduce the risks Illustration of a Windows or Linux system protection Man in the Middle attack of an SSL session Execution of an SMTP relay, an http/FTP proxy, a server certificate Installation and use of a network analyzer AAA server attack

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Ziwit Academy formation

Why choose the Ziwit Academy for your IT security training?

Individualized trainings, offered at your premises (in France or abroad) or remotely.

Our pedagogical team and our cybersecurity experts are at your disposal to help you choose training that meets your needs. All our trainings can be provided at your premises, in France or abroad, but also remotely in the form of virtual classrooms.

A friendly and quality service

Our trainers make a point of honor to make your training moments recreational and welcoming in order to give you the best learning conditions. You can also benefit from a tailored welcoming with a breakfast or a cocktail during your training.

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