Knowledge improvements and sharing expertise

Ziwit Academy formation
Ziwit Academy expertise sharing training
Duration:2 days of training Price:starting from 3100€ HT * Interns:Up to 10 interns * Excluding transportation, accommodation and catering costs.
Profiles / Prerequisites
Level 1- General knowledges about the IS systems and basic intrusions techniques (Technicians & network and system administrators...)
The training attendance rate is 100% based on the number of sessions held in 2022.
What is cybersecurity training and sharing expertise about

What is cybersecurity training and sharing expertise about?

Our cybersecurity training is oriented to the improvement of your knowledges, and the share expertise of our teams allows you to benefit from the expertise of our experts in order to train your teams to the technological innovations designed by Ziwit. This training will answer the many questions that you may be have, such as:

What is the visible perimeter exposed to hackers?
What financial risks may cause an attack?
What are the evaluation standards of cybersecurity within a company?
How to perform cybersecurity daily audits?

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« Knowledge improvements and sharing expertise »

Unit 1

Master cybersecurity notions and what’s at stake

Social Engineering in the context of information security Decryption of cyber-attacks in real time Identifying external threats Profiling of external threats Master cyber-issues related to a target (sectors, financial risks, norms)

Unit 2

Explore further the general approach of cybersecurity applied to networks, systems and applications

System security: standard and evaluation System protection tools: categorization and limits Network security: general inventory of the protection Web applications security: Reflective XSS and Persistences; CSRF

Unit 3

Comprehend intrusion techniques

Detection, exploitability and breach counter-measures:

SQLi (SQL Injection) TRV (Traversal Directory) LFI (Local File Inclusion) RFI (Remote File Execution) SCI (Shell Code Injection)

Unit 4

Discover the automated audits tools

The perimeter covered by the HTTPCS tool Applicative typology and tree structure Commitment and risk mastery Functioning: vulnerability scoring, machine learning & AI

Unit 5

Implement offensives cybersecurity solutions

Setting up the HTTPCS Monitoring tool Setting up audits for web security breaches (non-limited to Top 10 OWASP) Setting up audits with applicative vulnerabilities (CVE) Black box and grey box pentests

Practical exercises and handling the tools

Access to the HTTPCS tools and presentation of advanced features

Launch of Black Box and Grey Box audits Knowledge review and improvement axis Test in real conditions of an automated audit tool Security breach and applicative vulnerability fixes

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« Knowledge improvements and sharing expertise »

Willing to approach cyberterrorism prevention measures?

Mohammed Boumediane, Chief Executive Officer of the Ziwit group, is member of the Conseil National du Numérique since Mai 2018. As such, he shares his experience with international organizations and administrations, concerned about getting trained to cyberterrorism prevention.

Review the current state of cybercriminality and cyberterrorism in France and on an international scale

Identify security breaches that makes professionals of the Défense Nationale vulnerable, international organizations and public administrations.

Comprehend the different techniques and methods allowing to maintain a high level of protection.

Ziwit Academy formation

Why choose the «Knowledge improvements and sharing expertise» training of the Ziwit Academy?

A dynamic and entertaining approach

We opt for an interactive and entertaining educational approach. The learning of cybersecurity fundamentals and cyber-risks management is given with the help of simulations in real conditions and adapted visual mediums.

The intern approaches with ease the basics and complicated intrusion techniques thanks to different concrete examples and the HTTPCS tool at its disposal in order to realize automated audits.

At the end of the training, the interns will totally master cyber-issues and the level of risks associated to a specific environment while being able to protect themselves from it.

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A need for cybersecurity training?

Our teaching team and our IT security experts will be happy to advise you on the program most appropriate to your needs or to work with you to develop the most suitable training for your team.

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