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Why should you have your information system audited?

The importance of cybersecurity auditing

Secure data


Of companies only, believe that their data is secure



Of French SME have already suffered cyber attacks

French companies


Attacks on average per year against each company
(ransomware, data theft...)

In recent years, many studies have highlighted the vulnerability of companies to cybersecurity, and this has consequences. Companies that are victims of hacking face serious financial consequences, significant consequences for their reputation and potential legal impacts.

This trend is increasing even more with the almost complete digitisation of workstations and internal processes. Documents, communications, connections and information are now exchanged mostly digitally via the organization's IS. All these interactions are entry points for malicious hackers and constitute major cyber risks.

The IT security audit will be used to control the security of an organization, to correct any vulnerabilities that may be discovered, to achieve manual pentest and to continuously improve the IS Cybersecurity.

Security audit

Our cybersecurity experts will support you

We offer multi-site audits, either physical or remote

Expert in IT security

Our IT security experts and pentesters are located in Paris and Montpellier and come to you to audit your information system or to perform the pentestest required to ensure the perennity of your IS.

The Ziwit Consultancy Services team works for private organisations but also for public institutions. All sizes of companies and sectors of activity are affected by cyber-threats, which is why our experts analyze all types of IS to assess the level of security of an entity.

The manual pentest, also called intrusion test, and computer security audits are a guarantee of security for all the stakeholders in your ecosystem: your partners, customers, investors and suppliers are some of the stakeholders who will be comforted to see that your organization protects their personal data from potential hacking.

Intuitive and useful reporting.

Get a short summary of the corrections to be implemented, edited by our ethical hackers.

Our certifications

ExpertCyber (Digital Security Label)

Ziwit holds the label ExpertCyber

Ziwit expert in digital security, guarantees technical expertise as well as quality advice to prevent acts of cyber-surveillance and secure your IT installations and your websites.

As an ExpertCyber certified service provider, Ziwit is committed to respecting its charter of commitments.

France Cybersecurity

Ziwit holds the label France Cybersecurity

The France Cybersecurity label offers the guarantee that the labeled products, solutions and services are designed, developed and operated in France, by a dynamic and innovative industrial sector recognized by the market. It is therefore a mark of excellence for companies.

Alliance for digital trust

Ziwit is a member ACN

(Alliance for digital trust)

ACN is a group of companies that award services, solutions and technologies that limit risk and therefore increase trust.

Cybersecurity Made In Europe

Ziwit holds the Cybersecurity Made In Europe certification

The "Cybersecurity made in Europe" certification is designed to promote European cybersecurity companies and increase their visibility on the European and global market. The certification raises awareness of the strategic value of cybersecurity companies originating in Europe and developing their activity on the basis of European values of trust.

Cyber Malicious

Ziwit is part of the national system Cyber Malicious

Ziwit's mission is to support victims of cyberattacks through its cybersecurity solutions and tools .

As a service provider listed on the french government platform Cyber Malicious, Ziwit is committed to respecting its charter of commitments.

Certified Ethical Hacker

Our CEH certified cybersecurity experts

(Certified Ethical Hacker)

Our pentesters are experienced in vulnerability research. They have the internationally recognized CEH certification to guarantee you a qualified and ethical technical auditor.

Cyber Essentials

Ziwit holds the Cyber Essentials certification

Cyber Essentials is a certification supported by the British government (United Kingdom) to help organizations ensure operational security against cyber attacks.

Incibe (National Institute of Cybersecurity)

Ziwit, recognized as a solution by Incibe

(Spanish National Institute of Cybersecurity)

Ziwit is recognized as trusted solution by Incibe, the Spanish national cybersecurity institute.

Following the visit of our cybersecurity experts in your organization, you will receive a specific report outlining the results observed and the actions to be implemented daily to ensure the IT security of your information system.

You will find there:

The specific characteristics of the vulnerabilities detected


The level of risk related to each fault


The detail of vulnerabilities highlighted


Information on all vulnerabilities identified


The standards that may be affected


The laws impacted


The corrective measures to be implemented


The list of tips to be applied on a everyday


A follow-up and a direct contact to accompany you

The Ziwit Cybersecurity Certificate of Compliance by Ziwit Consultancy Services

Certify that your IS has been secured by a cybersecurity expert.

Ziwit Consultancy Service

Ziwit Consultancy Services has implemented a 1-year certification that certifies the security of your information system. Our IT security experts will ensure that corrective actions are implemented in your organization.

This certificate allows you to comfort the stakeholders of your ecosystem about the IT security of your company or organization. You will be able to promote this certification to your partners, investors or any other person who wants to be sure of the security of your information system.


Support for PCI DSS, GDPR, HIPAA compliance

ISO standards

Follow-up by our teams to obtain ISO 27001 & ISO 27002 standards

Analysis of the security

Analysis of the security level of your IS and workstations

Certify that your IS has been secured by a cybersecurity expert
Complete audit

Complete audit of your various websites, web apps or e-commerce websites.


Web Services Security Pentest

Audit infrastructure

Full audit of your whole infrastructure

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Certified cybersecurity experts

On-site or remote audits

Complete and comprehensive reports

Support and direct contact

Certification by Ziwit Consultancy Services

Customized audits according to your business environment

A need for an IT security audit?


Our team of IT security experts is ready to offer you the audit that best suits your needs and your business.

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